The Adapt Safari situated started in 1980's as a joint preservation endeavor in between the owners of 7 lodges who are direct descendants of the original Frontier settlers some 5 generations back and shown up here with the British inhabitants of 1810. The households initially settled to farm sheep and livestock on the wild and typically hostile Zuurveld. Throughout 2001 the original members of the Adapt Safari developed a joint Marketing contract and brand name renewal for the malaria-free Adapt Safari.

The joint marketing arrangement now consists of 15 homes within the Reserve that fall under a merged marketing umbrella and brand name of 'Adapt Safari '. This interesting advancement has enabled the 7,500 ha Adapt Safari to promote and display itself as the premier Adapt Safari in the Eastern Cape.

Adjust Safari is a special preservation effort that permits animals to be reintroduced to the area where they once strolled easily, therefore, contributing to the preservation of our natural heritage. The land was used to cattle ranch sheep and livestock as much as the millennium. The obstacle has been to re-establish the original plants and animal's types to the area and to return the land to nature.